The Jack Mate
Designed by Tim O’Connell, a veteran firefighter, the Jack Mate is used in conjunction with the Hi-Lift Jack as a “Jaws of Life” type tool. It gives you the ability to turn your Hi-lift jack into a hydraulic power like tool.  The Jack Mate slides over either end of the Hi-Lift Jack bar using quick release pins. When used as the base plate, the Jack mate has “gnarly teeth” which dig into logs and rocks giving greater stability and support.  As the top clamp, the Jack Mate adds greater stability and strength to the bar.  It also has a slot for a 3/8” chain and a 1” hole for clevis attachments. Using a Hi-Lift Jack, a chain and the Jack Mate, you can have a powerful bender/straightner.  Get those bent tie rods closer to straight on the trail.

Newly added extras include a diamond plate top that grips better, a wire fence pulling slot (also a great bottle opener), an easier pin for attaching the Jack Mate to the jack and a quick release replacement pin for the jack's base.       

jackmatenew.jpg (21538 bytes)


Red Hi-Lift Jack
48" complete steel casting jack. Sturdier then the black stamped steel and casting jack. Will lift most four wheel vehicles just over 3 feet Enough room to remove high centers, lift vehicle out of ditches, fill voids, and dig out sand
Black Hi-Lift Jack
48" stamped steel & casting jack. Will raise a heavy loaded vehicle to a height of 47" (just over 3 feet)
Black Hi-Lift Jack
Protects your Hi-Lift Jack when not in use, from weather, sand, dirt, salt air, etc. Waterproof, flameproof, mildew resistant and will not crack.