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Safety Seal tire repair kits

A must have for off-roading and highway travel. Self vulcanizing tubeless tire repairs kits. Kit includes 30-4" repairs, Insertion Tool, Spiral Probe, Lube, sturdy Plastic Carrying Case.

Original Safety Seal Kit - $45.00

30-Pack Repair Strip Refill - $25.00

Series 87 Steel Wheels

These Xtreme Steel Black Powder Monster Mod wheels offer extreme sizes for extreme conditions. The finest materials with state-of-the-art production equipment. Made in the USA. They fit all Land Rovers except the Freelander. 5x6.5 hole pattern with several different sizes including: 15x8, 15x10, 16x8 and 16x10
Wheel shown is a simulated bead-lock

Starting at - $65.00
"Jerry" / NATO Fuel Cans (NEW)
20 Liter, 5.28U.S. Gallons, fuel can, derived from the original 20 Liter "JerryCan". The welded seam provides a super rigid can that can take all the abuse. This "V" Type can has a locking pin. These cans withstand a fire test (full of gasoline) and a drop test. If you need a can that can take the pressure of off-roading, outback traveling and exploring uncharted areas, this is the can for you. The interior is flow coated with a special formula paint that prevents rust and does not allow contaminants to stick to the inside of the can. Available in Red and Olive Drab Green. All cans are certified to UN Standards and TUV.
Super Siphon

A "super" fuel transfer tool. This patented design makes filling up on the trail easy. Drop the hose into your fuel tank and the put the patented one-way weighted valve into your auxiliary fuel can. Jiggle the valve up and down a few times and the fuel starts flowing. No more worries about spilling fuel. Keep the can on the roof rack or spare tire carrier. With the long hose, there is no need to lug that heavy fuel can anywhere

$12.00 Includes Free Shipping
Pull Pal

The Pull Pal, a well engineered anchoring tool, both portable and well suited for a wide range of environments. Intended as a tool for winching through sand or mud, the Pull Pal's hefty plow blade set firmly and safely into sand, mud, clay and hardpan soil.

Pull Pal folds compactly to the size of an ordinary bumper jack for easy storage. It is ruggedly constructed with a chrome-moly plow assembly, welded construction overall and assembled with grade 8 bolts for strength and quality.

RW 11000(rated 11000 lb.)
RW 9000(rated 9000 lb.)
The Original Red Top
Completely sealed unique gel can be mounted in any direction, even upside down! Last 3 to 4 times longer than conventional batteries.
Deep Cycle Yellow Top
A battery specifically designed for low draw applications. A proven performer in Operation Desert Storm, approved by the US Military NSN-6140-01-374-2243.
Tilt Lev-O-Gage

Helps you keep an eye on the angle of your vehicle during off-road adventures. Mount to your dash in any location you want. With this visual aid you can be sure of the side angle your truck is riding. This simple bubble gauge lets you attack a hill perpendicular to the incline with confidence.