PRICE $1150.00

The DSII Trek bumper is ALL STEEL with extended quarter panel protection. Give added protection with a clean stock look. As with all Trek Protection, this bumper retains the stock bumper lights in place. The stock mud flaps can be kept in place. Remove or leave them in place...It's up to you! There is clean line and transition from quarter panel protector to the rear end. A two inch lip extends in and under the rear quarter panel to protect the body panel.

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Trek Outfitters' DS II Rear Bumper

Side quarter panel protection

Tire clearance and light installed

Stock light cut-out



Trek OUtfitters' DS II rear bumper doing it's job.

Production began Nov. 20, 2000. The DSII Trek Rear Bumper is powder coated satin black to match the factory trimming. It mounts to the factory nuts welded into the frame design. Additional supports are attached to the body behind the rear wheel wells (no outer body panels are modified!). Some drilling is required.